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Blinc's tube mascara won't run, even on the rainiest days

blinc+s+tube+mascara+won+t+run+even+on+the+rainiest+days_3356_800686954_0_0_7042659_300There's nothing worse than having to deal with a long commute on a rainy day. However, it happens to the best of us - even when we have our umbrellas in tote, the rain always finds a way to soak us.

If you want to change how the weather affects your look when it's pouring, there are a few tips you can take into consideration. First, make sure you put on blinc's tube mascaras and liquid eyeliners to give your eyes a flawless look that won't run, even when it's raining. The tube mascara can add volume to your lashes, while liquid eyeliners can create a definitive bold appearance.

Next, keep a small towel in your purse when it's really coming down. When you arrive at work, you can quickly duck into the bathroom and wipe those raindrops off of your face.

Finally, consider bringing a spare pair of shoes to switch into once you get to the office. Wear galoshes or durable sneakers to keep you dry on your commute. Taking just a few of these tips into consideration can make sure you look fabulous, even when the weather outside doesn't.