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Boost the novelty factor with an orange pout

boost+the+novelty+factor+with+an+orange+pout_3356_800332645_0_0_7042690_300While 2011 may have only just begun, it seems that everyone's already eagerly anticipating which new looks will be hot in the coming seasons.

Glamour.com highlighted the vivacious tangerine pout of Arielle Vandenberg, who showed up to a recent event flaunting full-bodied waves that were as lively as her lipstick, which she expertly paired with strong brows and a plum shadow.

We can't decide if it's the contrasting eye and lip colors or the brightness of her lipstick that made her look so startlingly original, but ladies can surely take a page out of her book by turning up the heat on their pouts.

Pair bright orange lipstick with either a neutral eyeshadow or a contrasting shade of purple, blue or green. Emulate Vandenberg's groomed finish with blinc Eyebrow Mousse, which will lend color and fullness to sparse brows, as well as a couple coats of long-lasting blinc Mascara. Polish the look with a generous application of black liquid eyeliner.