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Can your lash curl last all day?

gals+who+are+serious+about+making+their+eye+makeup+perfect+know+that+a+good+look+starts+with+a+good+curl_3356_800716205_0_0_7070087_300Gals who are serious about making their eye makeup perfect know that a good look starts with a good curl. But getting your lashes to reach skyward and stay that way can be tough. How can you make sure your eyelash curl lasts all day long?

First, start with a heated lash curler. Like flat irons and hot rollers, heated lash curlers use the power of heat to give your lashes some serious curl. Just like the hair on your head stays curled longer when styled with heat, your lashes will reach for the sky all day if you start off styling them with a hot curler.

To make your curl last, finish your look with a few generous swipes of mascara. A good mascara will help seal in your curl - kind of like what hairspray does for your tresses.

For added length, apply a lash primer under your mascara. Your curl will be even more noticeable when your lashes are practically brushing your brows.