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Do you need a lash comb?

do+you+need+a+lash+comb_3356_800672894_0_0_7070088_300Some gals dismiss them as frivolous accessories, but others swear they're absolutely necessary if you want that perfect red carpet look for a big night on the town. Is a lash comb something you should invest in?

Some mascaras are known to cause lumps and clumps, no matter how carefully you apply them - especially if you're already blessed with thick, long lashes. If your lashes are constantly getting tangled, a lash comb is an excellent way to separate them, so that each lash stands out even more beautifully than before.

Using a lash comb is an easy way to make your eyes look wider, brighter and more youthful in just a few seconds. With no clumps or tangles, your lashes can reach for the sky all day long.

Don't want to mess around with combs? You can also try tube mascara, which is less likely to clump than a traditional one. Since tube mascaras are, like lash combs, designed to separate and highlight individual lashes, they're perfect for women who want a polished look every time.
For results that are truly out of this world, use a lash comb before applying tube mascara. That way, nobody will be able to ignore your pretty peepers.