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Dramatic lashes for a wintertime soiree

dramatic+lashes+for+a+wintertime+soiree_3356_800670930_0_0_7070088_300Are you looking for a way to make a big splash at your next party? Want to be the center of attention without even opening your mouth? If you want to get noticed the next time you're out and about, it makes sense to start with the first thing everyone sees - your eyes.

Making sure your peepers command attention starts with making sure they're unique. But that doesn't mean you have to have lavender irises a la Elizabeth Taylor. No matter your eye color, you can steal a few glances by applying a shimmery shadow that's impossible to ignore. Opt for a nude color that's subtle while still being sultry and sophisticated.

Next, really make your eyes stand out by applying a few coats of tube mascara. This will widen your eyes and darken your lashes, making your pretty peepers the star of the evening. Applying a little liner around the corners of your eyes will make them pop even more.

So bat your lashes at the next cute guy you see - he won't be able to resist your charm!