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Extend your anti-aging routine to your lashes and brows

You probably know all about the benefits of anti-aging treatments for your facial skin. The right combination of cleaners, serums and creams can do a lot for your complexion and help make your face look younger. However, you're probably not doing justice to your lashes or eyebrows, which is why lash primer and eyebrow mousse from blinc might come in handy.

Even if you apply an anti-aging eye cream each night, you might not be giving the beneficial ingredients to your eyelashes or eyebrows. Use lash primer to help your lashes grow longer and with more volume as you condition them. It'll also help to strengthen your lashes and make them less prone to breakage, which is important if you're curling them every day. Best of all, you can use lash primer underneath your tube mascara for a bigger, better base.

Apply blinc's eyebrow mousse to your brows to give them enhancing color that's moisturizing and water resistant. The anti-aging ingredients will also help to condition your brows as well as the skin underneath, so you'll have healthier brows that will match your youthful face.