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Five things not to do in the world of beauty

There are a lot of fashions and trends constantly popping up in the beauty world, and each woman's take on them is different. While one woman's idea of a made-up face involves a hint of tube mascara and a tinted lip balm, another one relies on every beauty product under the sun each time she gets ready in the morning. With so much disparity, we figured you could use a guide on what not to do when it comes to your hair and makeup.

1. Forget to blend your face with your neck. Sometimes, ladies don't do a good job picking the right shade of foundation. This could lead to an obvious mismatch of the face and neck, which pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing foundation - it's supposed to be invisible. Choose a formula that matches your skin tone, then blend it down into your neck for even, natural coverage.

2. Overpluck your eyebrows. According to Real Simple Magazine, most women make this mistake because they stand too close to the mirror. If you're focused on each individual hair that's out of place, you'll be forgetting about the big picture: the shape of your brows. Step back from the mirror when you're plucking to avoid too-skinny brows.

3. Grow your hair out past your bra strap. Allure Magazine reports that derriere-length hair is a total beauty "don't." Not only does your fashion taste become questionable with such a 'do, but you'll also be sacrificing a lot of your hair's healthiness. There's no way the ends of your hair can stay soft and un-split at that length.

4. Stencil in your brows. When brows are stenciled in with a shade of pencil that's darker than your hair color, it's pretty obvious that your real brows aren't doing you any favors. Choose eyebrow makeup that looks natural, like blinc's eyebrow mousse, and keep the shape of your brows natural.

5. Transform your nails into talons. There's nothing sexy about nails that are too long to text, type or put contacts in with. Not only are curving talons impractical, but they're pretty much a guarantee that guys will not want your hands anywhere near them. Leave the claw-like manicures to celebrities like Gaga and stick to shorter, "squoval" nails.