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Flaunting makeup at yoga class: Lady Gaga does

While few may be surprised to hear that Lady Gaga's appearance is making waves, it seems that the pop star has the world buzzing once again. StarLounge.com reports that Gaga is supposedly known for swinging into hot yoga classes in full makeup.

Wearing nothing more than a bikini, a set of false eyelashes and siren red lipstick, the singer was once seen walking out of a private Bikram yoga session, which is typically practiced at 105 degrees.

While most of us may not put on a two-piece before heading to the gym, ladies who want to look their best while working out can take a tip from Gaga herself and sport lush lashes.

However, instead of faux fringes which might fall off while exercising, gals can apply tubing mascara such as blinc Mascara. Unlike traditional mascaras, the water-resistant formula isn't painted on. Instead, it encases each lash in a tube, and won't flake or smudge.

And, as fans of the singer are sure to appreciate, blinc Mascara is available in several distinct, Gaga-esque colors such as dark blue, dark green and dark purple.