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Get dolled up before heading out on Black Friday

get+dolled+up+before+heading+out+on+black+friday_3356_800644327_0_0_7050273_300Stores are expected to open bright and early on Black Friday, which is when most people will be out doing their holiday shopping and trying to cash in on the best deals. However, you might be a little worn out after Thanksgiving, which can make it difficult to roll out of bed and look glamorous the following morning.

If you're one of those bargain hunters who wakes up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, don't go out looking like a mess with the same old runny mascara around your eyes! Instead, brace yourself for the holiday shopping rush with blinc products.

To make sure you have a look that doesn't fade, apply the blinc lash primer to give your eyes a bold, appealing look. Follow it up with the tube mascara from blinc to further define your lashes. Unlike other makeup out there, you don't have to worry about this tube mascara running! The lash primer will also give you peace of mind, knowing your beautiful eye makeup is there to stay after the initial application.

You might be lacking sleep when you head out the door on Black Friday, but no one has to know it when you get dolled up with blinc cosmetics!