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Give your lashes the VIP treatment this year

If you're trying to spice up your beauty routine for the upcoming year, you're not alone. Many women use the new year as an excuse to sort through their makeup collection, throw out old products and update their looks. If you're ready to give your lashes the treatment they deserve for once, blinc lash primer is the perfect addition to your stash.

With repeated curling and mascara application, your lashes may be hurting more than you think. So much irritation can make your lashes thinner and more brittle, making them prone to breakage. Lash primer can reverse these effects and protect your lashes from further damage with healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients.

As if that weren't enough, the lash primer also gives you a better base to work with when you're applying your makeup. Your lashes will be fuller and thicker, giving your mascara more to work with. It'll continue to moisturize your eyelashes and make them look long and lush for hours, only coming off when you use a bit of warm water and gentle pressure. Your lashes will never want to go without again.