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Here's a couple tricks for extra thick lashes

here+s+a+couple+tricks+for+extra+thick+lashes_3356_800491852_0_0_14005342_300A full, luscious fringe is harder to come by than one would think. What with all of the highly specialized beauty products out there designed to give ladies' lashes a much-needed boost, we find ourselves getting the results we crave less often than we'd hope.

To combat the trend of wimpy lashes, celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath recommends opting for a fast-drying mascara, according to Glamour.com. The logic behind this is that with a mascara that dries super quickly, you won't have to wait to reapply a second coat (or a third) to get your lashes to your desired thickness.

Or, if you'd rather pass on looking a little too dolled up (if you know what we mean), try a product that will help enhance the appearance of your natural lashes before you even reach for the mascara.

Using blinc Lash Primer would be an excellent move, as it helps create a bigger base of volume and length for your lashes, providing a long-lasting moisturizing treatment as well as that extra hand you needed to pump up your fringe.