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How long is too long when it comes to holding on?

how+long+is+too+long+when+it+comes+to+holding+on_3356_800404424_0_0_14001100_300If you're still having trouble letting go of your dream to win the Tiny Tots Beauty Pageant, it's probably time to let go. If you're wondering about your mascara that you've had since you started college five years ago, it's definitely time to let go.

According to The Chicago Tribune, experts recommend that you change your mascara every three to four months, as the tube can collect bacteria.

It's generally okay to hold on to eyeliner if you sharpen the pencil and continually renew the surface.

It's good practice to replace your other makeup on the regular, but just look out for smelly, gunky or uneven consistencies that indicate you should toss the product.

Then again, you could ask the same question about the lasting power of your mascara. If your lashes look continually fabulous from the moment you put on your makeup to the point at night where you're washing it off, that's great indication you've found the right brand. Use blinc Mascara for its revolutionary long-lasting tubing formula.