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How to attain a New Year's Eve sparkle

how+to+attain+a+new+year+s+eve+sparkle_3356_800671975_0_0_7023442_300New Year's Eve is one of the most glamorous nights of the year, and you can get away with going a little overboard without attracting too much attention. If you're looking to make waves at the night club or even a close-knit house party, sporting a smokey eyes with tube mascara, lash primer and a light lip color will be a versatile backdrop for any ensemble, according to AccessHollywood.com.

You should start by prepping your lashes with a lash curler and then applying a bit of blinc lash primer. This cosmetic will help protect your lashes from becoming brittle and dull, and it can help maintain a superior hold for your tube mascara.

With a bit of dark eyeshadow in mauve or silver, you can create a subtle smokey eye that accentuates your eye's best features. Adding a touch of liquid eyeliner can also work wonders to give your eyes stunning definition and contrast.

Now that your eyes are the focal point of your look, you can finish with a bit of pale pink, peach or nude to pull it all together. New Year's is almost here, so get cracking on your stunning nighttime ensemble!