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How to find the best swimsuit for your body type

Many women dread the thought of trying on bathing suits - it's hard to find a flattering choice when there are so many options! However, there are a few simple ways you can narrow down your search and hone in on a specific type of suit that would complement the shape of your body. Here are a few guidelines to consider depending on your body type.

1. Small-chested. If you're lacking volume up top, you can rely on fringe, ruffles or frills to add bulk and create the illusion of a larger chest, reports Cosmopolitan Magazine. Look for a two-piece suit with plenty of details on the top.

2. Large-chested. Well-endowed gals should look for suits that offer your girls plenty of support. Basically, you want a top that feels like a bra. Thick straps and plenty of coverage are also important, according to O Magazine.

3. Plus-sized. Glamour Magazine suggests looking for vintage-style one pieces with slimming ruched details, or bikinis with halter tops. A good fit will ensure that you're comfortable and confident.

4. Pear-shaped. If you're bigger on the bottom, Glamour recommends steering clear of boy shorts and sticking with bikinis with a darker bottom or a halter top one-piece to draw attention to your slim upper body.

5. Athletic. If you've got a body that's straight up and down (small bust and hips), O Magazine recommends choosing pieces that will add femininity. Look for ruching on the chest, halter tops, tankinis or ruffles.

6. Pregnant. If you'll be sporting a baby bump this summer, Glamour advises to show off your chest and upper arms in a halter top one-piece, which will add coverage without hiding your figure.

7. Petite. On the shorter side? Bottoms with high-cut legs will lengthen your gams, making you appear taller, reports Glamour. It's also important to find a top that supports what you've got going on up there!

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, you can hit the stores, find the perfect body-flattering suit and head to the shore! Don't forget to pack your favorite blinc cosmetics into your beach bag - our unique formulas can glam you up for a day at the beach without putting you at risk for raccoon eyes. No-run, no-smudge liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras will enhance your eyes all day long.