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How to get dramatic lashes for a night on the town

how+to+get+dramatic+lashes+for+a+night+on+the+town_3356_800716202_0_0_14016494_300Making yourself stand out in the crowd doesn't have to be tough! Every gal wants to catch the eye of that cute guy at the bar, and - not surprisingly - the secret to stealing his heart is all in the peepers. Here's how to make sure your baby blues or soulful browns are impossible to miss next time you're out on the town.

First, don't shy away from shimmer. A little bit of glitz is the perfect way to make yourself noticeable - but it's all about staying subtle. A nude shade with just a hint of shimmery shine is the perfect way to make your eyes the center of attention. Brown-eyed gals should try pinks and golds, while blue-eyed beauties can experiment with silver and white.

The next step is making sure those lashes flutter whenever you bat your eye. Add some extra length with a lash primer, so you can get the most out of any mascara. Then use a heated lash curler to make sure that fringe is unstoppable.

Finally, don't forget the eyeliner. Make sure your peepers are popping with a swipe of pencil eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines. Stick to the waterline for a look that's dramatic without being overdone.