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How to obtain the most adored makeup look in the land

how+to+obtain+the+most+adored+makeup+look+in+the+land_3356_800424693_0_0_7050345_300Fables and fairytales have long been an inspiration for all sorts of interpretational off-shoots, whether it's re-makes, re-tellings, fashion trends or abstract art.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise, then, that Vivienne Westwood decked her models out in Alice in Wonderland-inspired makeup at the Fall 2011 London Fashion Week. Faces coated in stunning gold-leaf layers and half-crooked brows graced the runways, displaying her equally whimsical clothing.

Ladies that want to fulfill their makeup fantasies don't have to don an all-out haute couture ensemble in order to look the part.

Start by choosing two vividly contrasting eyeshadows and applying them strategically to your face. Try to position the hues in unexpected ways, such as applying the darker color to your browbone or creating a two-tone look with one color on each half of your lid.

For outrageously outlandish lashes, using blinc Long Lash is one way to get them to unparalleled heights. The lash conditioner can dramatically enhance the appearance of your lashes in just two to four weeks.