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How to store your makeup for best results

Has your makeup turned clumpy or started to irritate your skin? According to the Inquirer Lifestyle Beta, makeup products have an expatriation date and must be stored properly.

Though most women tend to keep their makeup in the bathroom, this may be a bad idea because of the humidity your products will be exposed to. Bathroom moisture can change the composition of your makeup and turn it soft and pasty.

The news source advises using a cosmetic box to prolong your products' life and protect their quality, and to keep the box away from direct sunlight, which can lead to makeup degeneration.

You should also be aware of your makeup's shelf life. Though it can be difficult to part with your favorite products, once it's past its expiration date its time to say goodbye.

The first rule of keeping your collection fresh is to get rid of any product you haven't used in six months.

Use your nose to determine when it's time to toss lipstick and mascara. The news outlet reports that expired lipstick boasts an unpleasant pasty stench and mascara will begin to smell like acetone.

In a dry environment, eyeshadow can last three years though it is important to keep it properly closed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust. Eye and lip liner will also last three years if sharpened regularly.