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Lash curlers - do they really work?

If you're looking to pump up the drama on your lashes, you have lots of options. From thickening mascaras to prescription drugs, there are plenty of methods that promise to give you the lashes you long for - but there's an easier way! With a lash curler, you can open up your eyes and add sexy, feminine beauty in a single step.

No girl's beauty arsenal is complete without a lash curler, yet many don't realize just how much this simple tool can do for them. By clamping the curler over your lashes for just a few a seconds, you can achieve lashes that reach for the sky - immediately showcasing those pretty peepers.

For best results, curl your lashes after applying eyeliner and shadow but before applying any tube mascaras. Eyeliner can make eyes look narrower, but curly lashes will open them up instantly. And if you apply mascara after you curl, you can set your style instantly.

Once your lashes are taken care of, you can work on the rest of your look!