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Lash primer and tube mascara can help you look like Scarlet Johansson

lash+primer+and+tube+mascara+can+help+you+look+like+scarlet+johansson_3356_800661972_0_0_7009532_300For makeup inspiration, it's not uncommon for women to look to the stars for ideas on how to apply eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. One starlet who is constantly drawing attention for her impeccable makeup is Scarlett Johansson.

Recently, Johannson showed up at the New York City premiere of "We Bought a Zoo" with a silvery eyeshadow on her lids with hints of blue. However, it was her lashes that truly made a splash, extended to an extreme length with a bold mascara that helped brighten her eyes.

There's no telling if Johannson was wearing blinc cosmetics on the red carpet, but you can create a similar look using the heated eyelash curler, lash primer and tube mascara. First, use the heated eyelash curler to sculpt your lashes. Then, apply the lash primer to make your eyes bolder.

Finish it all off with the tube mascara to turn heads like Johannson while you're out on the town. The tube mascara is designed to define your lashes and it won't run or smudge over time. When the night is over, just use a little warm water to wash it away.