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Longer lashes without a prescription

You've probably been hearing a lot of buzz about the new lash-lengthening products that you can get from your doctor. While the thought of having lush, luxurious lashes is definitely something that most women want, there are some downsides to prescription products.

For starters, the cost of lash-growing prescriptions is pricey. Some cost around $120, and you have to keep using it everyday to maintain the length of your lashes - when you stop, they'll go right back to having the length and fullness that you started with. It also can take up to four months to see results.

Some people have even experienced side effects like hyperpigmentation around the eyes, redness and irritation and even discolored irises, reports Eyelash-growth.com. Instead of shelling out the money to get these prescription lash treatments, try out blinc's Long Lash eyelash enhancer.

Simply apply it twice a day to the base of your lashes, like you'd do with a liquid eyeliner. You should start noticing fuller, longer lashes in as little as two weeks! Long Lash, combined with lash primer and tube mascara, will have your lashes looking gorgeous in no time - no prescription necessary!