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Madonna's makeup artist dishes mascara tips

madonna+s+makeup+artist+dishes+tips_3356_800138823_0_0_15514_300Gina Brook regularly works with big stars like Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, and Katy Perry, but she is most famous for being Madonna's go-to girl for concert and red carpet looks. The makeup artist recently sat down with BellaSugar.com to share some of her mascara expertise.

First of all, Brook says if you need to pump your mascara that's a sure sign it's dry and should be replaced. If there are clumpy bits around the brush, try dabbing the bristles against the top of the mascara tube.

When applying mascara, gals should stand in front of the makeup mirror, turn their heads to the side in order to pull the lashes out instead of up and wiggle the wand from side to side for even distribution across all lashes, Brook advises.

For the full lash look, ladies will need around two to three coats, and should apply mascara to lash tips at a 45 degree angle.

Women who prefer a simple, one time application that won't require touch-ups can try a tubing mascara that coats each individual eyelash and offers a long-lasting full look from a single application.