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Maintain your dye job with mascara

maintain+your+dye+job+with+mascara_3356_800093726_0_0_7042685_300Women dye their hair for a variety of reasons - some want to cover gray strands, while others simply prefer the way colored locks look. But while ladies may adore the way it looks, dyed hair can be a hassle to maintain.

With work days full of meetings and appointments, and after-hours packed with errands and obligations, it can be hard to find time to run to the salon, even when you need it! Instead of trying to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a last-minute hair appointment, dive into your cosmetic case for a quick fix.

According to The Bellingham Herald, mascara can be used in a pinch to touch up roots and conceal gray hairs.

"In black or brown shades, mascara creates realistic lowlights in dark hair and covers the gray," the news source reports. While dark mascara will hide gray hair, lighter-hued formula will cover the strands with color, creating natural-looking highlights.

If you decide to use mascara on your strands as well as your peepers, you may want to invest in disposable wands to keep your eyes healthy.