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Maintaining the health of your eyelashes

maintaining+the+health+of+your+eyelashes_3356_800744683_0_0_7012718_300If you can't get enough of your lash curler and tube mascara, you might want to think about giving your eyelashes a break once in a while. While blinc's tube mascara can help nourish your lashes, it's always a good idea to let your eyelashes rest when you don't need to be wearing makeup.

As your age, your eyelashes are prone to breaking and becoming more brittle. If you want to fight these effects and maintain the health of your lashes, think about using the lash primer from blinc. This formula is designed to strengthen them and fight against the harmful effects of the environment.

If you prefer to curl your lashes before applying your makeup, steer clear of manual curlers. These can add too much pressure on your lashes and cause them to break. Instead, opt for the heated eyelash curler from blinc to give your lashes a gentle curl.

Although it might be scary to think about your lashes falling out at an alarming rate as you age, taking these precautionary measures and nourishing your eyelashes can prevent lasting damage. In the end, you'll have peace of mind and look beautiful at the same time.