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Makeup tips for a job interview

makeup+tips+for+a+job+interview_3356_800214325_0_0_7072553_300Job interviews may be hard to come by so women who are granted the chance to interview will likely be aiming to make the perfect first impression. Makeup artist Zethina recently shared some makeup interview tips with ABC15.com, which can help women look sophisticated and qualified for the job.

Because eye contact is important during the interview, ladies should choose makeup that will accentuate their eyes and avoid colors that can shift attention away from their peepers. When using mascara, Zethina advises to keep it simple.

"It's best to not over apply mascara, you need just enough to enhance your lashes but not so much that you look like you need a scrub down," she said.

Though many women may be tempted to match the colors of their eyeshadow or lipstick to their chosen outfit for the meeting, Zethina says that colors should be selected based on their ability to flatter your eye, skin and hair color.

Avoid glitter, and don't let interviewers see you touch up your makeup - they may perceive you to be superficial, Zethina advises. Women should also do a last-minute once-over in a mirror, to make sure that makeup looks impeccable and that there isn't any lipstick on their teeth!