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Makeup tips that will help moms get out the door sooner

makeup+tips+that+will+help+moms+get+out+the+door+sooner_3356_800680932_0_0_7042663_300With the kids back in school after the long holiday and a to-do list a couple of miles long, getting your makeup right in the morning can be a huge hassle as a busy mother. By using a lash curler and a few other makeup tricks, you can get out the door sooner and feel more confident in your appearance.

First off, instead of simply applying moisturizer and foundation, use a tinted moisturizer to combine the best of both worlds. This will give your skin a healthy glow and you can use a colorless highlighter underneath your eyes, your brow bone and your cheek bones to liven up your look.

If you're a big fan of mascara, be sure to use a lash curler beforehand to get the perfect curl before you apply your cosmetics. Always go in this order to ensure that your mascara sets appropriately, and use a thin brush to separate each individual lash to avoid clumping.

As a busy mom, you have enough to worry about each day, and your makeup shouldn't be one of your chief concerns. By following these steps, you can take some time out of your morning routine and feel beautiful in your own skin.