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Miley's mile-high lash inspiration

miley+s+mile+high+lash+inspiration_3356_800239914_0_0_7055040_300You didn't have to be right there on the red carpet to see the far-reaching appeal of the thick lashes Miley Cyrus flaunted at a recent event.

Given her youthfulness, it's anyone's guess whether she's naturally endowed or whether she achieved the look with a pair of faux lashes. Either way, she makes a good point - jumbo lashes are a time-tested way to instantly amp up your feminine appeal.

While this look would be great for a romantic date, there are plenty of occasions that could call for this much glam. Whether you're attending a wedding or just want to look a bit more alluring as you run errands, long lashes could be just the answer you're looking for.

Women who weren't blessed with lashes like Cyrus aren't out of luck. A lash enhancer like blinc's Long Lash could can make your natural lashes appear dramatically thicker and longer with no adverse irritation or discoloration.

When it's time to unleash the drama, a blinc water-resistant tubing Mascara may can complete the look, creating an enviably thick fringe with its gentle, long-lasting formula.