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Mix and match

mix+and+match_3356_800672895_0_0_14043694_300There are a few essential staples in any makeup bag - blush, eyeliner, lipstick, a good foundation, maybe some concealer and, of course, mascara. But if you only have a single type of mascara, you may be missing out. The pros have a big secret - mix-and-match mascara can yield amazing results!

Looking for length and volume? You don't have to settle for just one mascara. Try two separate types, one designed to lengthen and one designed to add lots and lots of volume. That way, your peepers will be framed by a fringe so long and thick, one bat of those pretty lashes will be enough to have any guy head over heels.

Apply the first mascara and allow to dry - it's best to start with the lengthening product. Then follow up with the second mascara, and sweep away excess with a clean mascara wand. Use a lash comb if you find that the two mascaras tend to clump or tangle.

You can also mix regular mascara with tube mascara. Just be sure to apply the tube mascara first, and use a gentle touch when adding a second product for added thickness and length.