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Pastels to grace eyelids this spring

pastels+to+grace+eyelids+this+spring_3356_800261584_0_0_7067027_300If you're already wondering what's on the other side of the coin for this fall's dark, dramatic makeup, you can expect things to lighten up a bit in time for spring and summer 2011.

Pastel eyeshadows will be a hot commodity during the warmer months, and the palette will suit all kinds of women, according to StyleBistro.com. The bright warm tones will look radiant on any complexion and flatter mugs of all ages. Better yet, pastels come in an endless variety of hues including shades of blue, green, purple and pink.

StyleBistro recommends opting for paler shades for a daytime look and donning some of their bolder cousins when you're out on the town. To really make the most of the pigment, keep blush and lip colors soft and neutral.

But don't forget to enhance your lashes, which complement virtually any eyeshadow when they're at their fullest. Pair your favorite pastel pigment with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula is designed to prevent flaking and smudging, so you won't see dark residue anywhere on your light, luminous lids.