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Properly applying tube mascara to get the right look

properly+applying+tube+mascara+to+get+the+right+look_3356_800700324_0_0_7042659_300You may have already taken up many liquid eyeliner tips in order to create the perfect look, but have you thought about the way you've been applying your tube mascara? It's not uncommon for women to try to teach themselves how to apply liquid eyeliners and tube mascara, but it's important to do it properly in order to avoid looking like a raccoon.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when putting on tube mascara, even if you're confident in the no-smudge, long-lasting formula. Before applying it to your lashes, take a good look at them - are they straight? Could they use some curl before you apply the mascara? If so, start off with a heated eyelash curler to add volume and curve to your lashes.

Next, GlamCheck.com states that you should use an eyelash brush to separate your lashes and prevent clumping. Finally, apply the tube mascara on your bottom lashes first, followed by the top lashes. Do not blink until the mascara has completely dried, and voila! You have an unstoppable look that will last you throughout the day.