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Reinventing your winter clothing for the spring season

reinventing+your+winter+clothing+for+the+spring+season_3356_800712295_0_0_14015294_300The winter of 2012 certainly isn't going to be remembered for its significant snow accumulations, and as a result, many fashionistas splurged on winter garments only to have them gather dust in their closets. Luckily, with spring on the horizon, many of your cold weather purchases can be given new life in your spring ensembles and pair beautifully with your everyday tube mascara and liquid eyeliner. Keep the following winter digs in mind that you can sport with confidence this spring.

1. Cable knit sweaters. These full-length sweaters are go-tos on frigid winter days, but they can be a perfect alternative to a jacket on a mild day. Throw on your best pair of jeans, a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers for a day at the mall or pair it with a lace top and open-toed heels for a brunch ensemble. The options are unlimited, and with the fickle weather of spring being so unpredictable, you'll be glad you brought it along.

2. The military boot. Whether they helped you trudge through snow or plenty of puddles during this damp winter, a pair of brown boots looks great when paired with a warm weather floral pattern. They can combine beautifully with a lightweight denim and a cardigan or even your favorite sundress. However, banish your tights to the closet for the rest of the year and opt for colorful socks instead to give your outerwear a pop of unexpected hues.

3. The boyfriend blazer. Men's clothing has made a surprising foray into women's fashion, so if you picked up a blazer over the winter, now is the perfect time to break it out. This piece of outerwear combines seamlessly with statement necklaces, colorful button-down shirts and even your favorite pair of jeans. Make sure to wear a colorful oversized cocktail ring to give your outfit an instant focal point and add a touch of glamor to your outfit.

Spring is almost here, so if you consider yourself a fashion-forward individual, this is probably your favorite time of the year. Even though the mild winter has made spring a bit less exciting, there are plenty of dazzling clothing combinations you can utilize in the coming months that will make the most of your cold weather wardrobe.