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Solutions to common makeup application mistakes

solutions+to+common+makeup+application+mistakes_3356_800093719_0_0_7070089_300While it can be fun to listen to expert advice on how to create a perfect look, few ladies enjoy hearing what they are doing wrong when applying makeup. However, being aware of what not to do may be just as important.

According to Oprah.com, you should avoid wearing too much makeup on your forehead, as makeup can easily crease with each expression you make. Makeup artist Napoleon Perdis suggests dotting foundation on your cheeks, chin and nose, and blending the extra product toward your hairline.

Additionally, experts warn against applying powder eyeshadow after brushing on mascara, as the shadow can get stuck to wet lashes, making them look dusty.

However, makeup artist Michael Pierce says that this rule can be broken, under the right circumstances.

"If you have very deep-set eyes or droopy lids, you need to lift the eyelid with your finger in order to apply mascara. You wouldn't want to ruin your perfect shadow application with a smudgy fingerprint," he told the news source. "Instead, apply one coat of mascara first, then do your eyeshadow, and finish with a light second coat on the ends to cover any of the powder that may have stuck to lashes."