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Taking care of your eyelashes with lash primer

You might love your tube mascara and the length it gives your lashes on a regular basis, but are you taking care of your eyelashes in between regularly wearing makeup? Just like other parts of our body, lashes require a certain amount of TLC in order to be beautiful and healthy.

If you want to make sure you're not doing damage to your eyelashes and are treating them well, the first step is to consider your curling technique. If you have a manual lash curler without heat, don't apply too much pressure to get the curve you desire. This can cause lashes to become brittle and break.

When you're not wearing tube mascara, make it a point to condition your lashes just as you would with the hair on your head. To do so, you can use the lash primer from blinc to restore your lashes to their natural, hydrated state. The lash primer can help shield your eyelashes from the stresses of the environment.

While it might seem silly to care about some of the smallest hairs on your body, doing so can make sure you have long, healthy lashes throughout your lifetime.