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The 7 chicest handbags for summer 2012

here+are+some+of+the+chicest+handbags+for+summer+2012_3356_800773025_0_0_14011977_300Spring and summer give many women the excuse to head out and buy a few of the latest fashions to upgrade their looks. It's also a great time to stock up on your favorite blinc cosmetics so you can try out the new seasonal trends. But where will you put your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner when you're on the go? How about in one of this summer's trendy new handbag styles? Here are several to consider.

1. Knitted bags. According to MillionLooks.com, knitted handbags are totally fashionable and stylish, and they're casual enough to go with a jeans and T-shirt ensemble. Pick one with bright, summery colors or a bag that's all one shade for a sophisticated take.

2. Cross-body bags. Also called sling bags, 29Secrets.com reports that these carry-alls are kind of like messenger bags except a lot smaller. Worn diagonally across the body, they can even help create curves for women who are slender.

3. Oversized clutches. These babies aren't reserved for evening anymore. In vibrant hues with serious hardware, large clutches can hold everything you need while making you look chic in the meantime. MillionLooks.com recommends snagging one in a neutral color for work and a bolder color for informal outfits.

4. Satchels. These top-handle bags are timeless and can offer your outfits a bit of structure, reports Secret29.com. Find one that can hold all of your essentials (which shouldn't be hard, as these tend to be roomy).

5. Fold-overs. Fold-over bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, which means you shouldn't have trouble finding one to match your style. 29Secrets.com points to them as all-occasion bags that can carry what you need in the day and become a cute clutch for nighttime.

6. Neon. There's nothing more fun than adding a shot of neon to your wardrobe, and a bag is an easy way to ease yourself into the trend. Look for bright pink, lime green, yellow or citrusy orange, then pair with a neutral outfit. If you're willing to take a risk, pair with other neons!

7. Wristlets. According to MillionLooks.com these are perfect for women who sometimes have trouble keeping track of their stuff! They come in a variety of styles and shapes, but you'll have to pare down your essentials to fit inside.