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The best way to throw spiky glances

Thanks to Twiggy, the spider lash look has been forever immortalized in our style vocabularly, returning to the forefront of makeup fashion as regularly as the renaissance of stripes and polka dots. That being said, it is important to assess the techniques with which you build your sky-high spiky lashes, as some of the old techniques are better off left behind in the 1960s.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath revealed to StyleList.com that back-combing is not just a phenomenon that's limited to hair. According to McGrath, the best way to pull off a spider-lash look is to separate lashes using a lengthening formula and then to back-comb your fringe by using a downward stroke from mid-lash to the base.

"The old way of doing spider lashes was hard and penciled looking," McGrath explained to the news source. "Now the way to do it looks fresh and unexpected."

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