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The right tube mascara can hide the signs of jet lag after a long business trip

If you're traveling on business, chances are, you'll want to make sure you have room for all of your professional ensembles in your suitcase. Once you pack your skirt suits and slacks, it can be difficult to find space for much else. However, your overall look might fall flat if you don't bring the proper cosmetics along for the trip.

Because you're on business, you'll want to look your best in order to impress. There are a couple of must-haves you can stash away in your carry-on or makeup bag to make sure you're prepared.

First, bring blinc's tube mascara to give your eyes a bold appearance. The tube mascara can add volume to your lashes and help you look your best, even if you're suffering from jet lag.

Liquid eyeliners can also help you hide the signs of extensive travel by giving you a fresh look. Research a few liquid eyeliner tips before you go traveling to make sure you're prepared to apply the no-run formula before a big meeting.

Finally, have a reliable lip gloss and foundation on hand to hide any blemishes. These few items can help you prepare for whatever the trip has in store for you.