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Tips to help you safely bask in the glory of warm, sunny weather

Now that spring is here and summer's not that far down the road, you'll probably be spending a lot more time outside trying to soak up the rays and get your skin back to its normal, not-so-pale color. Aside from wearing blinc's sweat- and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner and tube mascara, you should also be applying plenty of sunscreen. Here are a few other helpful hints to keep your skin safe from sunburn this season.

1. Lather up on sunscreen before you get dressed, suggests Allure Magazine. This will ensure that you don't miss a spot by having to work around your clothes. It's also good to apply before exposure because the lotion usually takes about 20 minutes to soak into your skin and begin offering protection.

2. Don't skimp. You might think that all you need is a thin layer of sunblock to get the job done, but Allure reports that you'll need at least a shot glass' worth of lotion to lather up your whole body, and an extra teaspoon of product for your face.

3. Stay out of the sun when the rays are strongest. According to the American Melanoma Foundation (AMF), this is between 10 am and 3 pm each day. If you have to go outside during these times, make sure you're protected with SPF!

4. Reapply often. Despite what the bottles say, most sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours or so, reports AMF. This is especially true if you've been sweating or swimming.

5. Don't rely on makeup alone. Although many brands of skin creams and powders have SPF, the amount of coverage you'd get from applying the normal amount of product isn't even close to enough to protect you from a burn. Allure reports that you'd need to apply about 14 times the amount of normal face powder to get the same coverage that sunscreen would provide.

6. Don't use expired products. While it might be tempting to use up the last of that bottle of sunblock you had since two summer ago, Allure suggests stocking up on a fresh bottle. The active ingredients in sunscreen can lose their effectiveness over time, so it's important to be wary about the expiration date.

Now that you have the info you need to protect yourself, feel free to lather on the SPF, doll up with tube mascara and liquid eyeliner and hit the beach!