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Top 3 tips to regain your spring fashion sense

After multiple seasons of wearing dark colors and sporting multiple layers, there can be a bit of a learning curve when the warmer weather rolls around. While you may be sifting through fashion blogs and reading best-dressed lists to get some ideas, it may be best to go out and try a few of them on your own. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can explore some of the hottest spring trends yourself so you can wow friends and co-workers throughout the season.

1. Visit a makeup artist. If you're heading into the salon or shopping at the mall, make sure to stop by and talk about the latest trends in makeup. Whether you're looking for hassle-free tube mascara or a dynamic liquid eyeliner, a makeup artist can point you in the right direction. Oftentimes you don't know how a specific cosmetic will look without matching it with your skin tone and trying it out yourself. This could be a wonderful way to refine your spring ensembles before the season arrives.

2. Pick up a few accessories. Even the most scintillating makeup style will fall flat without the contrast of a few choice accessories, so pick up a few statement pieces for your spring wardrobe. Lightweight scarves are especially popular for the fickle weather of spring, and they can provide a dazzling pop of color that will brighten your look. Additionally, look into a few colorful bracelets - these are quick additions that can add complementary hues to your outfit.

3. Lip color. Bold red lip color is a chic choice during the winter months, but it can look out of place with a spring ensemble. Do yourself a favor and look into the many vibrant lip colors that you can pair with your warm weather outfits. Whether you choose tangerine, lavender or a pale shade of pink, these cosmetics could be a ravishing finishing touch for a night on the town or with your work attire.

This winter has been anything but ordinary, but many of the traditional seasonal trends stayed consistent. Thankfully, spring is on its way, and it's one of the most exciting times of the year for fashion-forward individuals. Whether you're trying out a new style this year or combining myriad seasonal trends, these tips will help you get back into the swing of things.