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TRON's makeup legacy

We don't all have to totally geek out to appreciate the high-flying makeup styles in the new TRON: Legacy movie.

Lucky for us, lead makeup artist Rosalinda da Silva revealed a few of her secrets on how to take your makeup to an alternate reality.

"I thought that incorporating strong lines and shapes into the makeup designs would be appropriate in keeping not only with the sets and costumes, but also with [director Joseph Kosinski's] vision," she told NerdReactor.com.

Da Silva said she gave faces "very reflective finishes" with foundations and powders to make them pop in 3D vision. The Sirens, a group of characters in the movie, also received special emphasis on their eyes with special contact lenses and three sets of false lashes each, she told the news source.

Of course, if you're not keen on the falsies, you can go for a slightly more subdued look like Quorra's, which requires shimmery highlights on your cheeks and browbones, black eyeliner and a couple coats of volume enhancing, water-resistant mascara. Use blinc Mascara for an optimum hold that could only belong to the future.