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Try this eye-popping trick at home

When it comes to one product that can really open up your gaze, mascara has been serving women for ages - and it's certainly not about to go away any time soon. That being said, some women may be looking for new ways to make their eyes pop, and the answer could very well still lay hidden in your mascara wand.

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal showed Marie Claire how applying a light-colored mascara to the bottom lashes can create a noticeably brighter gaze without fussing with any shadows. Roncal still suggests applying black mascara to the top lashes, but opting for a green mascara or a blue mascara on the bottom can create subtle variation that will do you some good.

For top performance, use blinc Mascara. The product encases lashes in miniature acrylic tubes that out-last other leading brands and promise not to flake or smudge. Unlike many conventional waterproof mascaras, blinc's water-resistant formula is gentle on lashes and only requires some warm water and pressure to come off at night.