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Tube mascara can give women a glamorous Hollywood look

Ever since hooking up with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes' popularity in Hollywood as a fashionable celebrity has skyrocketed, and for good reason. When she's not starring in films, Holmes is dashing through town in some of the hottest ensembles around.

But how does Holmes really pull it all together? It seems that her makeup does much of the work. At the U.S. premiere of her hubby's new movie, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Holmes showed up on the red carpet with dazzling eye makeup that could make anyone jealous. Cruise's main squeeze sported the smokey eye look and topped it all off with no-run mascara and eyeliner.

But you don't have to be a celebrity to flaunt similar eyes! With blinc cosmetics, you can get it done on a whim and look just as glamorous as Hollywood's best.

The tube mascara is a must-have if you want to sport film screen-worthy eyes. This no-run formula is designed to give your eyelashes the length and volume you've always wanted. Unlike other products, the tube mascara will not run or smudge throughout the day.