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Using a lash curler and liquid eyeliner pen to prepare for a business dinner

If your husband's co-workers have invited you and your spouse out to dinner to mingle, you'll want to make a good impression. After all, your loved one's boss might be alongside you to wine and dine. Although it's not necessary to stress over the event, you might want to put in a little extra effort to show that you appreciate the invite.

First, try not to cake on the makeup, no matter how nervous you are about someone noticing your wrinkles. It's best to go light and use just a couple of products to fine-tune your overall look. Start with a lash curler to give your lashes luscious volume. Follow it up with a liquid eyeliner pen to further define your eyes and add depth to your look.

When choosing an outfit for the event, don't go too skimpy. After all, this is more of a business meeting than a casual wine and dine with friends. If you're daring enough to wear a little black cocktail dress, make sure you aren't showing too much cleavage.

By taking the time to think through your ensemble, you can maintain a professional attitude alongside your husband.