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Using tube mascara and liquid eyeliners to fall in line with winter trends

As the seasons change, so do beauty and makeup trends. If you're still utilizing the same liquid eyeliner tips that you put to use this past summer, it might be time for a change!

SheKnows.com reports that one of the most popular trends to take into consideration this winter is the big eye look. The larger and bolder your eyes are, the more beautiful you'll be this season. To achieve this appearance, apply your liquid eyeliners and tube mascara from blinc to create a sense of mystery and sexiness.

To top off what you have on your eyes, let your eyebrows grow a little this winter as well. Thick brows are in style, and they can help you frame your eyes and bring your overall appearance together.

When it comes to your cheeks, go bare. Many Hollywood celebs are already capitalizing on the trend to show off their natural beauty by going without makeup on their cheeks. Allowing your skin to glow sans blush or foundation can help you make a statement when you walk into a room.

Taking just a few of these tips into consideration can ensure that you look radiant and beautiful this winter.