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What does 2012 have in store for eye makeup?

As you watched the ball drop this New Year's Eve, did you silently recite your resolutions to yourself? If you've resolved to treat yourself better and look your best, you may be wondering what some of the fashion trends of 2012 are going to be. According to The Hindu, this year is all about the eyes, so bust out that liquid eyeliner and get ready to look fabulous.

Dark eyeshadow is de rigeur this year - when you hit the town, let your peepers do the talking. They'll make all of the statement needed. You can really kick the look up a notch by sprucing up your lashes with a heated eyelash curler. Don't be afraid to go for the gusto by using a touch of silver or gold glitter on your eyelids. A touch of glimmer never hurt anyone!

You can even use dabs of black liner to emphasize the look - give yourself a mysterious, smoky gaze with a little flick in the shape of your choice at your creases. You can bet you'll turn a few heads the next time you head out!