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When au naturale is the word

Mascara is a makeup staple for women everywhere, but sometimes, when all you want is a natural look, you don't want your black, spidery lashes to necessarily betray you. So what's a girl to do?

When going totally bare isn't your number one preference, there are ways to enhance the natural look of your lashes so you may, as a result, need much less product to achieve a full, feathery fringe.

Many lash-enhancing products, such as blinc Long Lash, are designed to condition and promote the appearance of long, lush lashes before you even apply your mascara. It's easy to apply and won't irritate your eyelids - plus, you can start seeing results in just two to four weeks.

If you're aching to further enhance your fringe pre-product, use blinc Lash Primer to create an excellent base for your mascara. The Lash Primer will help thicken the appearance of your lashes, so you'll only need a light coat of mascara to open up your eyes.