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Women can go dark and dramatic for Halloween

halloween+makeup_3356_800135882_0_0_7005472_300This Halloween, women planning to get creative with their costumes shouldn't hold back when matching their hair and faces to the dramatic costume they don, according to Savings.com.

The website advises women to come out of their shells for the occasion, and Halloween is the perfect time to try out some festive new looks.
Instead of spending extra cash on a funky wig, ladies can tease their hair by backcombing their strands, using lots of hairspray to create an alternative, spooky look.

Gals opting for a vampire or witch costume may want to sport dark makeup. Women can mix black eyeliner with red lipstick to create a "perfect vampy dark lip," suggests the news source.

Those planning to be angels, fairies or brides can cover their lids and lips in glitter. Rhinestones around the eyes and above the brows will give an extra shimmery look.

Finally, a dramatically made-up eye would be incomplete without mascara to lengthen and bolden lashes. A tubing mascara that won't fade or flake, so it is sure to last long after the bewitching hour has passed.