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Yet another reason to love mascara

Why do ladies love mascara? If nothing else, it's the ultimate go-to morning fix to transform your face, even if you don't have the time for anything else. Mascara makes any woman look instantly more awake, more appealing and more feminine.

Then again, as celebrity makeup artist Bret Freedman put it to ELLE.com, "there's no better way to amp up your look than with long, lush lashes. I'm a huge fan of mascara - I love that women can wear oodles of it and it never reads as makeup."

To properly capitalize on this advantage of the ever-elusive feminine mystique, finish any makeup look with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its revolutionary long-lasting water-resistant formula will stay true from morning to night without running, flaking or smudging. Unlike other leading brands, blinc's encases lashes in miniature tubes that provide optimum volume and length which come off gently at night with just a little warm water.