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January Jones wears black liquid eyeliner and matching dress on the red carpet

january+jones+wears+black+liquid+eyeliner+and+matching+dress+on+the+red+carpet_3356_800730633_0_0_7011320_300Whether you're a fan of "Mad Men" or you just enjoy scouting Hollywood's biggest stars, the red carpet is the place to be to stay on top of everything from the latest fashion to makeup trends. Recently, actress January Jones showed up to the season 5 premiere of the show in Los Angeles wearing a stunning black dress and liquid eyeliner to match.

Jones is best known for her role on "Mad Men" as Betty Draper Francis. Although the show has been on hiatus for months, Jones reminded everyone why it was so popular when she arrived at the event. In addition to having a gripping storyline, many viewers enjoy the makeup, fashion and hairdos of the time period exhibited on the show.

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