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Niecy Nash shines with liquid eyeliner and casual ensemble on the red carpet

niecy+nash+shines+with+liquid+eyeliner+and+casual+ensemble+on+the+red+carpet_3356_800729625_0_0_7065326_300One woman who looks beautiful even while she's getting rid of clutter on Clean House on the Style Network is Niecy Nash. This comedian and actress who has been on a number of television reality series is not only known for her sense of style, but for her stellar makeup. Nash is a pro at flaunting her bright eyes with liquid eyeliner and just the right amount of mascara.

Recently, the star showed up to the premiere of 21 Jump Street in Los Angeles in a relatively casual ensemble, but topped it all off with liquid eyeliner and mascara around her peepers. Nash could have been wearing fake eyelashes, but she might have just had blinc's tube mascara on - this formula is designed to add length to lackluster lashes that can’t be beat by even the best fake eyelashes!

If you want to look just as brilliant as Nash and other Hollywood celebrities, you might want to apply a little liquid eyeliner from blinc before you head out the door.

The liquid eyeliner comes in black, gray, brown and blue to match the hue of your irises. In addition to making your eyes appear larger, eyeliner can give you a more dramatic look, which is perfect for outings with friends or hot dates.