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Three myths when it comes to women drivers

Isn't it so convenient for men to be able to point out all the things that are wrong with women's driving skills? If the guys in our lives have a fender bender, it's just something that happens. On the other hand, if we experience this minor mishap, it must - clearly - be because of some defect in our genes. At least women don't have a temper tantrum at the mere suggestion of asking for directions. Females also stop calling shotgun at the age of ten, whereas grown men will act as if it's medieval jousting tournament that requires a duel to the end.

Still, guys never fail to blame the female of the species for causing the most havoc on the road. Because we've been longing to put our two-cents in on the matter, here's our take on the top three myths when it comes to women drivers.

1. Girls don't pay attention. It's easy for some men to say we're easily distracted behind the wheel, like during those rare occasions when we have to dabble on a little makeup at a stoplight. In reality, dudes drool like dogs at the sight of us in these situations. Our concentration is so keen that we can afford to take a moment to pat our noses or put on some blinc Mascara when it's safe. Men, on the other hand, can't seem to control themselves any time they're out and about.

2. Girls follow too many rules. Most of us drive with caution and precision, as we actually learned things in driving school. The most applicable methods of training for men are video games and NASCAR races.

3. Girls can't park. The truth is that most men will chicken out at the thought of parallel parking, especially if they own a flashy sports car that was given, perhaps ironically, a girl's name.

There are many reasons why we're the best drivers, but we can appease the notorious male ego by letting them think what they wish - at least until they're forced to sleep on the couch.