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Top 3 beauty supplies that are a must in your New Year's Eve purse

New Year's Eve is the next big holiday on the docket, and you're probably making plans to hit the town with your best friends and enjoy one of the most glamorous nights of the year. After you've used your heated eyelash curler and applied a bit of tube mascara, you may think that your makeup prep is done - but, there are a few must-have beauty supplies to keep in your purse on New Year's Eve that are bound to come in handy. Make sure that the following items are on-hand during your holiday festivities.

1. Tube mascara. With all of the dancing and good times that will be had on New Year's Eve, you don't want to have to worry about running off to the bathroom to fix your makeup. Instead, opt for blinc tube mascara - this dazzling product will encase your lashes in tubes, protecting your cosmetics from running, smudging and flaking throughout the evening. Best of all, it can be taken off at the end of the night with a bit of pressure, soap and warm water.

2. Makeup wipes. Whether you end up at home or sleeping at a friend's house, you don't want to fall asleep with makeup on your face. The cosmetics could clog your pores and create breakouts if you're not careful, so be sure to have a few wipes on-hand to get rid of any excess at the end of the night. Not only will you spare your pillow from an evening's worth of makeup, but your skin will feel refreshed when you wake up the next morning.

3. Shiny lip gloss. New Year's Eve is all about breaking out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Whether you're wearing metallic eyeshadow or a touch of shimmer, your lips will also remain a focal point of your look. Opt for some shiny lip gloss that you can apply throughout the evening. This style is a wonderful choice to pair with the sequined attire that's extremely popular around New Year's, and it is sure to turn some heads.

Keeping these chic beauty supplies on-hand will help you deal with whatever makeup calamity occurs on New Year's Eve, and you can have peace of mind that your ensemble stays enchanting throughout the night.